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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nursery Inspirations

Post Holidays, and a few days into the purging/organizing of the space at my Mom's that will be our little girl's first room, I'm starting to brainstorm decor ideas for the nursery.  I don't want to have a really specific theme (i.e Ladybugs! or Butterflies!), or have a migraine inducing throbbing pink explosion, but I want to have a space that feels relaxed, sophisticated, and put together.  After a reasonable amount of time weekend spent entirely searching for fabrics online, I thought I was totally settled on my choices, but then the bug bit a second time and I'm rethinking what I want.  I will be making the crib skirt and curtains at the very least, and most likely a few throw pillows and smaller accessories like possibly a diaper stacker (even though I want to use cloth diapers, I think it could come in handy for those or something else).  I'm planning to use this sewing pattern for the basics minus the bumper pad, which we aren't using for safety reasons:

For curtains, I don't think I'm going to need a pattern but I'm planning to do floor length panels (84") with a primary fabric and a contrasting band of fabric along the bottom for an accent.  I also plan to add a band of the contrast fabric along the bottom of the crib skirt to coordinate the two. 

Here are some of the fabrics I like at the moment:

For the main fabric in the crib skirt:

For the trim panel on the skirt and curtains:
For the main part of the curtains:
I'm also thinking of doing a very thin stripe of a pale lime between the primary and contrasting fabrics to tie them together, possibly something like this:
Free Spirit Designer Solid in Olive
The walls will be painted in some shade of tan/sand/taupe/oyster/beige and the trim will be white.  I'm planning to paint the furniture white as well.  I really like Sherwin Williams Oyster bar for the walls:
SW7565 Oyster Bar
So that is my current inspiration board :) I want to incorporate touches of "natural" elements like baby birdies/owls, a wall collage of vintage styled and modern prints (Matt got us some REALLY cute papers from Hollanders to play with), and a DIY fluttery mobile project similar to this:
Jumbo Paper Butterfly Mobile

Organizationally, we need a small bookshelf for all the books we already have (!) for this little girl, and something for the closet, and I'm thinking about one of these with color coordinating fabric bins:
Martha Stewart Living White 35.88 In. H x 35.99 In. W x 11.89 In. D Laminate Stackable 9 Cube Organizer 4904 Image1

Martha Stewart Living 10-1/2 in. x 11 in. Fabric Drawer 4928 Image1

Martha Stewart Living 10-1/2 in. x 11 in. Fabric Drawer 4926 Image1

Martha Stewart Living 10-1/2 in. x 11 in. Fabric Drawer 4924 Image1


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  1. Great post! I love the mobile, and the organizational boxes. You know I support the clean-sweep (emotional and physical) and the push for as few things and as much simplicity as possible in your life and home. Last weekend I did a big spring cleaning in our apt (it was 70s so it felt like spring, oddly enough) and it felt great to purge (even from our tiny place). Onward and upward, tots!