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Thursday, January 20, 2011

27 Weeks - Hello Third Trimester!

Today is the start of the third trimester, and literally as if on cue, it feels as if the "glow" and comfort and energy of the second trimester that everyone talks about (which I was lame enough not to even really notice let alone appreciate while experiencing them...) seem to be fading quickly into the past.  While riding home last night after work, I thought to myself that I feel as tired as I did around 6 weeks, and that's saying a lot! By the end of the work day, I'm pretty much spent. My mental to-do list is piling up at a frightening rate, and then I get home and change clothes and eat dinner and it's all I can do to convince myself that 8 PM is not a dignified bedtime for an adult on a nightly basis.  As I've continued to talk about on here, the SPD doesn't help, but more than that I'm just generally wearing out more quickly now.  I guess that's why they call it the "home stretch" - there is still quite literally LOTS of stretching to be done, but at least we are counting down the weeks now instead of counting up.

Little girl is working on her lungs now - her nostrils are open and she's "breathing" amniotic fluid and practicing inhaling and exhaling for her big debut when she'll have to do it on her own.  She's about the size of an eggplant and weighs over 2 lbs! Maybe we'll get an even more accurate estimate of her size at the ultrasound on Monday.  One thing I am definitely noticing (and Matt has too!) are specific body parts when she moves around.  Not that I can identify what is an elbow or knee or butt, but I can definitely tell that lump protruding slightly on the left side of my belly is distinctly part of someone and not just a transient blob of blobbiness knocking about in there! So far none of the movement has been uncomfortable or feeling like getting swiftly kicked in the ribs or anything, but I am guessing those days are just around the corner!

Here we are at 27 Weeks - my belly button seems to be popping slightly, but I think that is also because I just ate dinner right before we took this :-) Up just under 10 lbs today at the midwife appointment, so I guess I'm on track.  She said the "fundal height" is also just where it should be, so no worries about development from a growth perspective, I guess.  

Our nursery fabrics have been ordered, and I've already received all but one of them! I hope to have the other one arrive by the end of the week and then I can think about getting projects started.  I decided to go with these:


The aqua trellis pattern will be the main part of the crib skirt with the raspberry dandelion print as the trim along the bottom.  The multi-colored botanical print fabric is called "Teja" and will be the curtains, and aqua paisley is a super plush minky fabric that I'm planning on doing a changing pad cover with.  Then I should have enough of each to do some other small accents in the room.  I know I perseverated and spent WAY too much time making this decision but I'm happy with the choices and can't wait to see them come together! I think they look perfect for a spring baby girl and I am so excited to see all the other little things I'm hoping to have ready all in one space.  We are deciding on a chair, and have one pretty much picked out. I think we're going to go with the upholstered glider/rocker from PB Kids with the white twill and stone piping slipcover (shown here in just white and slipcover below).   The walls will be a light tan/sand color, still to be picked out.  

Still looking for a small side table for beside the chair (I mean small...there's not a ton of room in there, and with a larger chair there will be even less!).  Like, enough room for a little lamp, a coaster, and the sound machine.  If anyone has a small table they want to get rid of or you see in your travels that could be repainted white, give me a shout! Ideally, I think I'd like it to have one drawer, like this (but this one is $97 from Target - their South Hampton Night Stand, and I don't really feel we need to spend that much): 

First up however, we must get finished emptying the room (almost there!) and then tape and paint it, and then we can do the rest, which is the fun part! Can't wait to share our progress as we go!


  1. I should also mention I guess, that we have some PB Kids gift cards and help from my mom so far with the chair...we normally wouldn't spend that much but it's on sale already and we have $ towards it. Not that it matters, but I usually wouldn't feel justified making that big of a purchase. We are getting our crib and dresser/changer for free, too!

  2. Ahh you look awesome!! What a cute bump she is turning out to be!

    And, I second Aiden's comment below - you have been *incredible* throughout the journey toward motherhood, and you still are doing a lot relative to many other mothers-to-be. Let your body tell you what it needs, and try to relax and enjoy the rest of the journey as much as possible. Once she arrives, my guess is that the zumba, your work schedule, and the extra creative projects will be the farthest thing from your mind, but in a good way. You are an inspiration, Tots, and it has nothing to do with the extracurriculars and everything to do with your heart and mind. And those two things you have control over :) Love to you.

  3. Couldn't have said it better Abby! Are you coming up for the shower by any chance? Hope all is well with your studies in Texas :)

    Love the chair Momma! I am going to email you pics of my friend Marie's almost completed nursery - she also picked that chair and is having a girl due in 2 weeks!

  4. @Aidan: I am not able to fly up for the shower :( Give Tots and TaterTot extra hugs for me, please!

    I will be there in mid April, though, so I'll either see a very-prego Tots, or a very little girl :)

  5. Abby - I will miss you in a few weeks, but SO excited to have you see either a very-prego me or a very little girl in April! That was so cute and made me so excited! :)