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Monday, January 24, 2011

27 Weeks 4 Days - Ultrasound Check

Today was the ultrasound re-checking for the placenta previa.  It has moved some in the last 8 weeks, and is no longer fully covering the cervix, but is still only about 1 cm away from the cervix.  The docs want it to be at least 2 cm away in order to attempt a vaginal delivery, otherwise they would recommend a scheduled c-section.  So we will have another ultrasound at 32 weeks and hopefully by then it will have moved up another cm or more, and we'll be in the clear.  If not, they will schedule another ultrasound to check one last time, and then proceed with scheduling her birthday for her if need be.  My goal is to do whatever is safest for both of us.  While I would prefer (for various and sundry reasons, I'm sure to be detailed in a future post) not to have a c-section, I would be 100% on board if that meant she would be delivered safely and the risk of complications to me and my uterus were minimal.  But I'm still hoping for it to move enough that we can safely attempt a vaginal delivery. If they feel it's on the cusp and might not be a good idea, then so be it.  We'll just have to see, I guess. More waiting, yay!

She, however, looks great.  They estimate that she weighs about 2lb 7oz! Her heart rate was normal and in the 130s, and we clearly saw a beautiful, typically formed 4 chamber heart just beating away!  Her kidneys look normal and all of her measurements that were taken seemed to be great.  As far as the measurement that was abnormal at 20 weeks, there isn't much they can do to re-check that at this point. The nuchal fold measurement is invalid after about 21 weeks, so we'll just have to sit and wait with the prospect that it was an abnormal finding that probably means nothing.

They turned on the 3D imaging for us, and she wasn't in a great position for full face photos, but we did get a few that are pretty neat! Nevermind the blobbiness in some parts of the shot - there were just things like placenta/cord/etc floating about that were kind of in the way. That, and her head was all jammed down and NOT movin'! But look at the CHEEKS! And, I suspect someone was pouting a little bit in the last pic... apparently we were interrupting her regularly scheduled programming for the morning.

 Showin off her little she-guns!

Pouting - look at that frown! 

So today was a good day :) I also drop my hours this week, and it looks like everything is going to work out just fine with my benefits and everything as planned, so I feel relieved about the situation and happy to take some time to rest! 


  1. So beautiful, blobby beautiful girl!!! OMG!!! You said it - cheeks!!! So excited...waiting seems to be the name of this game...hmmm I have a feeling someday I may not do it as gracefully as you! So beautiful that I obviously feel the need to overuse exclamation points!!!!!!!

  2. Ahh, those cheeks! And that pout! She looks like she's saying that she's not ready for her close-up yet :). Also, YOU look absolutely GORGEOUS and glowing still, Tanya. You may feel tired, but you don't look it.

  3. She is going to look so adorable in the outfits you picked up sunday! I can tell already. Keep growing NCS tater tot!