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Sunday, January 9, 2011

How cute are these?

For taking monthly photos of baby as she grows? You stick them to a onesie or shirt, and snap a pic every month, just like I've been doing with my weekly belly photos! Not that little Smith will have a shortage of pics, I'm guessing, but these are so cute! Etsy has tons of different designs and I think I like these.  Gonna have to get a set, I think!

Any mom friends of mine (well anyone of course can chime in - please!) have a good suggestion for a "coming home outfit"? People have started asking me (God knows why it matters anyway, but particularly this early?) what we're bringing her home in.  My first answer was "Umm, her carseat?" haha!  I just figured we'd end up with some cute sleeper or little snap down thing from a shower or just random travels, and that would be that. We aren't doing a fancy lacy gown that's been handed down through generations or something, and I don't really feel that sentimental about what we bring her home in I guess.  Definitely NOT planning on spending any large sum of money on an outfit that she will sully either before we even leave the hospital, or on the way home, but I guess since we'll commemorate her first trip outside with pics she ought to at least look cute!   Hard to buy right now, too, because I don't know if she'll be early or late, and what size to have...ok seriously not that worried about it but I've already been up for 3 hours and it is 9 am on Sunday and what the heck else do I have to be doing besides obsess about things that don't make a damn bit of difference ;)?


  1. Hey Tanya... Gracie came home in an outfit that my mom chose for her and gave me as a gift... Maybe try that route.. The it will be extra special... Btw this is jess

  2. A word of advice, pick up a premie outfit, too. Harvey was born the exact average size of a baby (I'm awful with numbers and can't remember exactly but somewhere around 7.5 lbs) and he was way too small for the very precious coming home outfit I'd picked out. My dad ended up buying him an outfit from the hospital gift shop. Luckily for us it was cute, too.

  3. Thanks for the advice ladies :) It's so hard given that we have no idea how big she will be and what she will fit into! We've started acquiring some cute clothes, so I'm sure we'll find something acceptable to take her home in! Good call on the premie size, too, Heather. Unless I have a fat little fattie ;) (which would be ok with me too!)