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Friday, January 28, 2011

28 Weeks

Well another week has slipped away - 12 weeks (give or take) until little girl makes her debut! That leaves us with approximately 3 months to get ready, and whoa nelly we are not! I think emotionally we are getting ourselves prepared as much as one can, but as far as all the practical preparation we have LOTS to do! It will all get done, and just like when I was planning our wedding, some details might not get finished by "the big day" but the major things have a way of taking precedence and getting done in time.  The little things, albeit fun to dream about and imagine, are usually such small details that really won't be missed once the event is upon us.  

Anyway, since the update last Monday from the ultrasound, there isn't much new info on what baby is doing this week. She's about 2 lbs 7 oz according to Monday's measurements, and growing every day.  Her eyesight and brain function are improving every day as well, and she's in for a major growth spurt in the next 4 weeks or so.  She's practicing swallowing and "breathing" still - which we got to see in action during the ultrasound!  She was in a head down (cephalic) presentation during the ultrasound, with her feet up just by the bottom of my ribcage on the right side.  I'd be happy if she stayed right there - don't get any breech or transverse ideas, OK, little one?  We'll get to see her again at 32 weeks, so I will be interested to see if she stays put or flips around.

Here we are this week: 

In other pregnancy related news, I started physical therapy yesterday for the SPD.  It went really well, and I'm feeling very good today! I was given a few exercises/stretches to work on anytime at home, and then I will have PT twice/week to make sure that everything stays put.  Thanks to Molly, I've also had her help readjusting twice now, and I'm hopeful that between her assistance, PT, and reduced work hours, I will make it to the end of this pregnancy without continued daily pain! I also received 2 support belts I ordered today in the mail, and I was thinking I might send one back before trying them out, but after trying each one, I think they could both be helpful so I might just keep 'em.  They are seriously Nerd Ferguson looking, but I guess since when is an elastic and velcro strap designed to hold up your shit all day supposed to be like something from VS?  

Pregnancy related news bit part 2: I failed the 1 hour glucose test and now have to take the 3 hour glucose tolerance test on Monday to rule out Gestational Diabetes. I'm not too concerned that I actually have GD, but man would that suck if I did.  I'm supposed to eat a "high carb" diet for 3 days before the test, and was told to have 150 g of carbs/day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  At first I thought this would be my license to sugar it up this weekend, but as I started keeping track this morning I realized that just eating my normal things will probably do it.  My Quaker Oatmeal Squares, 1/2 a banana and some milk first thing this morning already had me at about 82 g!! One little bowl of "healthy" cereal, some fruit and milk for goodness sake! I mean, I know fruit has a lot of natural sugars, but I have at least 2 pieces of fruit a day and that alone is close to 100 g of carbs.  I try to balance what I eat otherwise, but maybe I really am getting way too much of that and not enough protein.  Time to veg it up, I guess. Good thing our veggie drawer is stocked after a trip to the store!  Anyway, fingers crossed for a clear 3 hour GTT result after Monday! 

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