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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We have movement!

Just a super quick update to say that I can feel baby moving now!! It's still very slight and I can only feel it when I'm sitting quietly, like at the computer :) He/she is saying "hello fans!" right now! I guess baby liked Zumba tonight - doing his/her own little salsa moves in there :)

We have our 16 week appt with Holly tomorrow, so I'll update more and attach new photos then. I was just too excited to wait and save it for tomorrow's post!

love, mama t


  1. YAY!!! Is it SO amazing?? I need to see you - I want to see that pregnant belly in person!

  2. I will have Matt take some pics when I get home today since I'm spiffed up for work on a Sunday :)

  3. DOOOOO it!! Let's see that mover and shaker. So cool that you can feel it moving!

  4. OK FRIENDS IT'S COMING :) - pic uploading now!