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Sunday, November 21, 2010


For most of this pregnancy so far, I haven't had too many experiences where I've found being pregnant to offer any particular perks (well aside from the obvious fact that I am growing my very own preshus baybeeeeeee). Several solid weeks of near-constant nausea, way more frequent than usual trips to the bathroom to empty what seems like an about to burst bladder with an embarrassingly small amount of pee, post-work naps that get in the way of things I'd rather be doing (like watching Ghost Hunters or Glee of course) and serious food aversions, which to this food lovin' girl is about the worst sentence of all! However, I'm starting to find that there are perks to this condition I'm in, starting with:

-Elastic pants for the holidays and the expectation that my waist will continue to grow each week. No further comments needed there.
-Not having to climb up on a ladder to get on the roof to hang Christmas lights. That most terrifying, vertigo inducing, mypalmsaresweatingeventhoughit'sfreezingoutside task went to my mother this year :) The view was great from the sidewalk.
-Avoiding a day of heavy lifting yesterday while my Mom and sister moved furniture to a storage unit to make room in our garage...for things currently occupying space in the house that need to move out to make room for baby stuff in the nursery!

I'm sure I'll discover that there are more perks where these came from, but in the past 24 hours I've at least learned these little lovelies. I thought you'd like to know how I'm counting my blessings this Thanksgiving week :) (Of course there are about a thousand real things I'm thankful for, and they will have their very own post later this week).

Happy Sunday! 3 work days until Thanksgiving! 11 days until The Ultrasound!

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  1. Totally agree about the elastic pants thing! And this is a time when I'm not a whit concerned about gaining weight, since I've bought maternity clothes to handle to growing belly.