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Monday, November 1, 2010

This baby likes candy

Apparently, Baby Smith is just like his/her mama, and loves some candy! Thank goodness for Halloween, and the fact that we had about half as many trick or treaters as we did candy supplies :) Plus, a recent Yale study states that eating chocolate can reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia , and a Finnish study showed babies whose moms ate chocolate smiled and laughed more. They were less fearful in new situations. The babies of mothers who ate chocolate while pregnant seemed to have a more positive mood than babies whose moms didn't eat chocolate. I think that is reason enough to keep a steady supply on hand, and we're in luck!

Today I am 15w4d, and I'm hoping this week goes by quickly. We have our next appointment on Thursday and I'm anxious to hear little one's heartbeat again. I feel like things are starting to settle as far as morning sickness, but I still don't have a huge appetite (other than the above!). I'm really looking forward to the next ultrasound in a few weeks- the Big One where we'll hopefully hear it's a...boy or it's a...girl! (I'm leaning strongly towards girl at this point folks!) I wish we could have one at every visit. I just love to see how much baby has grown since the last time, and it's just incredible to see that there really is something amazing happening in there, even if it doesn't feel like much yet. I'l definitely update you all when I do for sure feel the baby move, but so far I'm just guessing and nothing has been so obviously a baby yet that I can be certain.

Tomorrow is election day, and to be honest I feel very disconnected from the political world at this point in time. I haven't researched all of the candidates much, and truthfully I have to say that I have come to feel a bit disillusioned about the difference that my vote really makes. But I do feel that my child's future depends on our freedom to vote, and the climate in which we raise our children, although much of it is shaped within our own household and the choices we make and the values we teach, is to some extent determined by the political powers that be, and voting is our means to influence that. I want to raise my child in a home of acceptance, a home where each person is free to truly become the person they are meant to be...but I don't feel so certain that outside the walls of the homes we create that each person is really free to be the person they truly are. There is so much greed and hate and a lack of acceptance of differences, and it scares me to think that despite growing up in a home with love and safety and boundaries and trust, my child will still grow up and into a world where they could be hated and harmed for the values they hold, the values we will work so hard to let them learn. And so with that in mind, I guess, I will vote tomorrow and hope that in some way, it influences our corner of the world enough...


  1. Well I hope you hear "It's a boy" or "it's a girl"... because frankly the other options frighten me! "It's a puppy" or "its a little minion"... aren't as comforting or exciting haha!

  2. Also... it is a girl, I thought we already established this ;)

  3. Nice post, Tanya - especially your thoughts on your political power, which is considerable in a state like Michigan. It might be ideal to have a lot of information about the candidates and their positions before you vote, but you don't have to - the vast majority of US voters don't, and their political party is an efficient information shortcut that works to make a pretty good choice (i.e. reflect their political preferences relatively well) at the polls, particularly when the parties are as distinct as they are today. Vote! More power to you!

  4. I'd say I'm most likely voting a straight ticket...I had to laugh a little today - I got an email from the NASW (Nat'l Assoc. of Social Workers) about the election, and it highlighted candidates locally for your area who are likely to vote in favor of values consistent with the social work code of ethics...needless to say it was a straight ticket this time around. That being said, regardless of the party we all choose to stand by, I do mean every part of what I wrote...I want my children to be caring, thoughtful, respectful people who take into consideration other's values and background before making harmful statements or generalizations. I just wish that the political arena (both major parties included) was a little more this way.

  5. and're right - I should never question your authori-tie. I called baby "she" today by accident...poor thing better not fret if it ends up with a penis!