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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Norah Grows: 5 Months

Little one, you are 5 months old today, and more amazing than ever! The world is starting to hold your interest in new ways every day, and it's so exciting to watch you experience the newness of life over and over.  You are so strong, and sitting up is your most recent development! You are pretty close to sitting up unassisted, and boy are you happy about it! The perspective of your world is so different from that position, and think it's exciting to you.  

You are so giggly and joyful, and over and over again we hear how pleasant and wonderful you are from others.  I love that you are such a happy baby, and somehow it makes me feel that we are doing something right for you when your face cracks open into that sweet toothless smile and suddenly a shriek of laughter breaks through.  You have a sense of humor, and think Mama and Daddy are pretty funny! I'm sure we'll remind you of that sometime later...

Your hair is turning blonder every day, and I love watching you change almost as if in tune with the change in seasons.  Fall has arrived and you seem to love the chillier weather and colorful leaves as much as I do.  We are looking forward to sharing some of our favorite fall activities with you this season.

You are enjoying grabbing on to your ankles and clapping your feet together.  You do this whenever your legs are free during a diaper change, and it seems like you are going longer and longer stretches being able to entertain yourself with things like this.  I have some videos I'm hoping to attach, but right now Blogger is giving me trouble. I'll addend this when I get the chance! 

You have a seriously strong grip with those pudgy little fingers! You are now into pinching and grabbing ahold of whatever you can find; hair, lips, cheeks, clothes...if it's in your reach you go for it! We have to keep those little nails trimmed close or else those pinches really have a bite to them! 

Bath time is one of your favorite times of day - you seem to understand that this is part of the bed time routine, and I think it really does help you wind down and get in the mood for going to sleep.  You love the warm water and your new thing is to grab the wet washcloth and suck the water out of it! You love kicking and splashing and floating around in the big tub!  

You are starting to babble a little bit, but mostly the sounds you make still sound like a baby dinosaur.  We've heard what sounds like "ma-ma" a few times, and you say "Nee" quite a bit.  I love imagining what your voice will sound like when you do begin to communicate with words.  
You are growing into a beautiful, sweet, charming little girl already, and I'm so proud of how well you are developing.  I love being your mama more every day! 

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