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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gestational Diabetes Part II

So I had my diabetic education class today, and I'm feeling better about the situation overall.  We discussed how to moderate our food choices and came up with meal plans for appropriate amounts of carbohydrates throughout the day.  Truthfully, it's not that different in most regards from how I usually eat, so I don't think it's going to be totally hard to stick to.  I do have to test my blood glucose levels 4x/day, which is obnoxious, but so far the two readings I've had today have been well within normal levels. My fingers produce like NO blood from the stick though, and both times I've had to poke twice to get a big enough drop...nice.  And, what's really frustrating is that my 2 and 3 Hour GTT results were just barely over the cutoff for having GD at all (like 5 mg above the cutoff... seriously). But nonetheless, I feel like I can manage this with diet and adding some exercise back in as I am able - modifying what I can do at the very least. After a week of testing regularly and sticking to my meal plan, we'll reassess and make sure it looks like it's doing the job of keeping the glucose levels controlled, and if not we'll talk about insulin.  I REALLY don't want to have to take insulin, mostly on principle that I should be able to manage this myself with some minor changes to my routine.

On a somewhat separate note, people can be so rude and self-centered, and it makes me crazy! The class was scheduled to start at 8:15 am, so I checked in around 8:05.  I was the only one there. A few more rolled in by about 8:25-8:30, and we finally walked over to the classroom (which I could have just gone to since it's 2 floors below my office, but whatevs) about 8:55.  Class finally started a little after 9, and 3 people rolled in after that - some as late as like 10:50! Then, one obnoxious husband (who was of no help to anyone being there, if I do say so myself) couldn't keep his comments to himself and even though they were the last couple to arrive they were the first to get with a dietitian 1:1 since they missed most of the informational part of class.  WTH? So there were 9 in class, 3 dietitians, and those who were late got their 1:1 education first while the rest of us waited.  Needless to say, when my dietitian came around, she pretty much looked at my meal plan and said, "Oh you get this. You're all set! Let me just mark a few things on here... ok, good. Call if you have any questions!" Super :) Class ended at 12:30 (after I was told by the nurse last night it would be about a 2 hour teaching...). It was certainly an interesting example of people watching though! One lady basically cried through at least half of class, there was a Chinese couple with an interpreter talking through the whole thing, and another woman who kept asking me and the woman next to her questions because she wasn't sure she understood, while the instructor continued on to the next thing. Oy.

So that's done.  Now I faithfully check 4x/day and hope things look good. Just don't offer me any cake, ok?


  1. 4x a day is a bit over the top if you ask me... But share some of your secrets about the diet with me so I can apply it to my own diet! Welcome to my world with the frustration with people. I just find that so many people have a sense of entitlement and are very rude. I'm supposed to have a magic cure for every patient. Ugh I feel you!

  2. Well, so far all my first 4 readings have been quite normal and I haven't really changed my diet very drastically. 84 Fasting this morning, and 105, 78, and 93 2 hours after my 3 meals yesterday. I'd be happy to share some of the meal plans and tips with you though! It basically seems like eating a balanced diet that isn't too carb-heavy and pairs all carb servings with a protein and a little fat. Makes sense, really. I feel like maybe I somehow got the shaft with this diagnosis here, and I'm really fine...but I will do what I'm supposed to do and take it as a learning experience about being healthier. It's for the baby, right?