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Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 Weeks

30 Weeks

Figured I'd just jump to the chase and put the pic first, since I know that's what most of you want this week! This is taken in the nursery and the wall color is "Hush" :) Afternoon sun is coming through the windows and the room is bright and light and fresh! I love the color, and can't wait to get some pieces in there and see it come together.  This weekend we plan to pick up our furniture, get some of it painted, and then we can start bringing things in from the piles in the living room and getting them organized.  I'm sure my mom will appreciate that, too ;)   None of the major sewing projects have been tackled yet, but I wanted to get the basics of the room ready first.  Once the furniture is ready, then we can devote time to sew, organize and get the other things ready.  Very Excited! Pics to come of the actual room soon...right now it's all just paint rollers and drop cloths :) 

So, 30 weeks.  10 weeks to go! I'm now into week 2 of dealing with GDM, and things have sort of been up and down.  Namely, my blood sugar levels.  I've had a hard time predicting what will work and what won't regarding food choices and corresponding readings.  Sometimes, I'll eat the same thing for breakfast 2 days in a row, and one morning my after-breakfast level will be perfect and the next it will be high (that would have been today...).  I'd say out of all the readings I've done, probably 70% have been normal, and 30% have been slightly elevated.  We had an appointment with Holly today, and she talked to us about what to expect in the event that I do get put on an insulin regimen.  I will keep sending my numbers to the nurse and they will let me know if anything needs to change - maybe a first step would be to tweak the diet plan a little, or they might go straight to putting me on insulin.  If that happens, I will not be able to continue to be followed by the Midwife practice, and would have to transfer to the High Risk OB team.  Not that any of the OBs would be so bad, and I'm sure we will still have a lovely birth outcome (in the very least, a lovely little lady!) if that happens, but it is really disappointing to think about altering our birth plan to include a high risk team for me and for the baby, constant fetal monitoring, potentially a constant insulin drip during labor, etc.  None of that is going to happen for sure yet, but Holly wanted to put it out there in the event that it becomes a reality for us.  

The placenta previa will be rechecked in 2 weeks by ultrasound, and we are so hopeful that it has moved enough to chuck at least that risk factor out the window! It was going in the right direction, so statistically it should resolve by 32-34 weeks, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it happens for us!

Baby, on the bright side, looks to be fantastic! My weight gain and her estimated growth are right on track for 30 weeks (I'm up about 13 pounds and the fundal height of the uterus is 30 - exactly where it should be).  She should weight just about 3 lbs now, and be nearly 16 inches head to toe.  She's putting down adipose tissue now (aka gettin' her mcFatty on!). Her heartbeat was great today in clinic, and her movements have been rockin' out all the time.  She's head down with her feet under my right ribs for the most part, and her spine is towards my belly - perfect placement for a vaginal delivery! So let's hope she stays just like that and everything else works out to have that outcome too! 

That's about what is going on at 30 weeks.  I'm so looking forward to my shower next weekend with all my best lady friends - it will be a MUCH needed stress reliever and wonderful company.  I am so lucky to have such lovely ladies in my life who are here to celebrate and support me through this adventure.  


  1. you look outrageously good, tots. you have a beautiful glow! that wall color is great, too. i'm happy to hear that tatertot is getting her fatty on and that she's just in the right place. keep it up, little one.

  2. So beautiful - as always :) Looking forward to seeing you in person - although I must admit I am impressed with how you have kept this blog up!! Kudos pretty lady!! See you soon...