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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Strawberry Picking

We are in peak strawberry season in Michigan right now, and there truly is nothing sweeter or more perfect than a sun-ripened strawberry picked and eaten right there in the field.  We decided to try and take Norah to the u-pick farm near us and see how she did this summer, and it was an absolute success! We went to DeGroots Farm in Gregory, MI and the picking was good, prices were great ($1.58/lb!) and the atmosphere was friendly and low-key.

 It seems that two years and two months is the perfect age for strawberry picking - she enjoyed eating the fruit, helping us load up the carton and dump it into the flat, she didn't whine about the heat or having to go potty or how tired she was or that her legs itched or... (like a few of the older kids in rows near us).

Looking for the red ones

Dedication to the cause, right there

SO juicy Mama! "Dis 'trawbewwy yummy!"

She also loved the small farm animals area with goats, baby pigs, chickens, and peacocks.  
They had 9 baby goats, and she was thrilled to be able to feed them! 

These guys are LOUD! One little girl near us goes "Hey, it's Kevin!" (if you've seen Up, that's the crazy bird they meet...peacock yelps totally sound like Kevin!)

These goats just climb all over the place, Norah found it quite amusing! 

We ended up with nearly two flats - 23 lbs of berries! I'd say that's good work for two adults and one toddler in an hour and a half! 

Next up - my first canning adventure and making strawberry jam! 

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