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Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day Projects

I'm working on a few projects for Matt for Father's Day this year, and hopefully I will have enough time tomorrow with Norah to get the second one finished. It's been a long time since I've posted anything here, but rest assured I have been busy! I do have some posts to update and projects to share, so perhaps this weekend I'll take some time to get them together.

Until then, here's a quick sneak preview of project #1 - Norah was a peach and totally participated in this better than I thought she would! I think I might redo this shoot every year, and layer the photos over the last year's in the frame, just to have a cool record of how she changes year by year.

I just got one letter D and one letter A from the wooden craft section at Michael's, and let her play with them while I snapped some shots. I picked some of my faves, and put them in a triple matted frame.  I printed them on our home inkjet printer, so they aren't the best quality...I will have to order better prints this summer.

I'll post our other project this weekend once it's complete, and let you know how I feel about the #1 Daddy in this house later this weekend! Hope everyone is set to have a fabulous one!

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  1. Love this T! Great idea and great shots! May end up stealing it next year.