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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hitting Our Stride; 6 Weeks

Norah is 6 weeks old, and she's changing from a squishy newborn into an alert little baby more and more every day.  Every night when we tuck ourselves in bed and kiss our girl goodnight, I wonder what tomorrow's developments will be. In the span of her lifetime, each day is so vast and monumental with regard to her capacity for growth, and it's truly amazing to see her doing things she didn't do the day before.  She has started to smile at us for real, and it is just about the most precious thing ever! It's not 100% of the time, but we definitely get to see those dimples on demand more and more! 

She is starting to develop a daytime routine, and although we're definitely still nursing on demand (read: free-for-all buffet around here!) she does have a few periods when she'll eat a bigger amount and it holds her over long enough to take a 2-3 hour nap...oh the glory! 

We are doing short tummy time sessions when she'll tolerate it.  She loves hanging out on the changing table, so we spend a lot of time there lately!

She will occasionally hang out happily in the bouncer, but these are fleeting times still!

She is in constant motion...kicking her legs, moving her arms, looking around.  It's hard to catch a still shot without a blurred hand in there!


A friend of mine did a post about her favorite baby finds since becoming a mama, and I thought it was such a good idea that I'm going to share my favorites here, too.  It's so true that what is one mama's saving grace will sit entirely unused in a drawer for another.  It will be so interesting to see what Norah's future siblings like in terms of baby items, because I'm sure that some of the things I can't live without now will be totally useless with a different child! Specialty swaddling blankets (SwaddleMe, Miracle blanket, Sleep Sack Swaddler)? Norah hates having her arms restrained, so all of these have been virtually untouched.  Soothies pacifiers that are supposedly the only ones baby wants?  Hates! But, for me, here are a few things that at least I can't live without :) 

Baby Wraps: Moby and Infantino EcoSash
I don't have photos of us using these yet, but wearing Norah is truly a lifesaver sometimes! She's generally pretty content to snuggle up next to me in the wrap, and will often sleep while she's in there.  It's not only nice to have my hands free, but it saves my back when the only thing that will do is to walk, and walk, and walk...

The Moby is a free form wrap that is about 5 yards of knit fabric, and you can do a number of different carries.  I'm planning to make my own in a summer weight bubble gauze pics of that to come soon! 

The Ecosash is a Mei Tai style carrier, and really easy to use.  Norah likes it because it supports her enough that she can stretch her legs and look around when she wants to. I also like that it comes with a detachable snap on hood/sun shade. 

Moby Wrap


Night Light: Oxo Candela Tooli
This little guy is great - it's a rechargeable cordless portable night light that lasts about 8 hours.  It's perfect to keep in bed or in the co-sleeper next to us at night for nighttime feedings, and the glow it gives is a nice soft light, not too bright to keep us awake.  I just discovered that there are replacement covers that you can get to swap out for a change of color, and I'm overly excited about this! Can't wait to have pink/green/turquoise light in our room instead of only yellow! 

Cloth diapers: Thirsties Duo Wrap covers
So far we've only used one type of cloth diaper, and it's been working great! The Thirsties Duo Wrap covers are seriously leak proof, and we've used both their "Stay-Dry" inserts and Cotton Babies unbleached prefolds as liners, and both catch pee/poop just fine :) We have a few with the Aplix and a few with snap closures, and honestly I don't think I really prefer one over the other at this point.  Norah is about 13 pounds now (according to weighing her on a regular bathroom scale) and she's in the size 1 unsnapped all the way.  The size 1 says they fit to 18 lbs, but we'll see how long these fit our big girl! And, they come in adorable colors and prints :) 

Speaking of Prefolds: Cotton Babies Indian Unbleached Prefolds

Not only do we use these as actual cloth diapers, but they are the perfect burp cloth, mess wiper, changing pad liner, and all purpose baby workhorse! They are soft, absorbent, and cheap! We have them in 3 sizes; preemie (good for a quick wipe or face cloth), Infant (what we use in her Duo Wrap), and Premium (large, and most used as a burp cloth).  I'd say that's a pretty good $40 spent! 

Handmade burp cloths

Shameless plug for myself, here, but the chenille and flannel burpies that I sewed before Norah was born really are my favorite.  They absorb well, look nice (well, what with all the barf on them and such), and feel soft. I have a feeling Norah might end up thinking of these as little blankies later, because when she nurses she snuggles up and ends up curling her pudgy fingers onto these when they are nestled between us. So cute!

Nursing Tanks: Motherhood Maternity

I have several nursing tops from Motherhood that I have come to love.  I discovered after a few weeks of nursing that I don't really care if my entire breast is exposed whilst nursing, but I'm totally self conscious of my soft, stretch-marked post-partum belly hanging out every time I pick up my shirt.  Nursing tanks have totally solved that problem for me, and I now pretty much layer one under everything! The one above is nice because it also doubles as sort of a tummy shaper, without feeling too tight or pinchy anywhere.  I have 3 colors of their basic clip down tanks, too.  I also discovered that for me, the ones with the full opening work better than the ones with the weird cut-outs that I got pre-baby at Target...maybe it's just that my specific parts didn't exactly fit in the holes, leading to uncomfy binding and bulging, but I've decided I don't like those Gilligan & O'Malley ones nearly as much.  

Baby Smell...if I could bottle it, wait, they did!

This is it...the best smelling baby stuff made!  I LOVE the way she smells after a bath so much I want to give her 3 a day!  Which, she'd probably love, since bathtime has become a huge hit, but I'm sure even with super sensitive baby wash all those baths would become a bit drying to her skin.  But anyway, I love this stuff, and glad we're stocked up for a while! The buttermilk lotion and baby powder smell just as amazing, too. 

Well, that's enough for now.  Any of my mama friends have favorites to add to this list?  I'd love to know what you love, too :) 


  1. I love the Thirsties Duo Covers too! I just bought the second size with the velcro. I know they don't last quite as long, but I figure they'll take a beating no matter what, so if we spend another $50 buying new covers for the next baby, it won't matter.

    I love the nursing tanks, too. I had the ones from Target with the weird cut outs, and they worked fine, so I bought some more, but it turns out that they're not doing those cut outs anymore. So...yay!

  2. I love the title of this post :) Not in need of the products yet, but will definitely mine you for info when we get there in the future! Loving the tummy time pic!