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Thursday, June 16, 2011

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S (The Glamorous Life)

Thank you for the introduction, Fergie.  Why yes, my life is indeed quite glamorous.   I have quite the night life lately, and frequently see hours such as 2:48 or 4:37 on the clock.  I'm toting all sorts of name brand, expensive gear.  I recently got a brand new ride.  Yeah...motherhood has some kinda glamorous thing goin on! Maybe not the traditional definition, but its own variation.  Things I may or may not have done in the past 24 hours that are not actually so glamorous include:

  • Smell my own pits to see if I needed to shower, since I wasn't sure if it was yesterday or the day before that I last took one.
  • Put my kid's (*clean) cloth diapers riiiight up to my nose and sniffed deeply to see if the wash really was getting the pee smell alllll the way out
  • Thought about changing my shirt/pants after being spit up on, and decided it was only a matter of time before it happened again, so I just left them on all day.
  • Used a stack of DQ napkins from the glove box instead of nursing pads when I realized I forgot to put some in my shirt before being out and about all day...decided it was better than wet spots on my top!
Some days I do actually get cleaned up enough for a photo, but more often than not it's dirty pj's....and I wouldn't trade any of it for the time I get to be home with my baby.  She's amazing, and I am so lucky to be able to have this time with her.  One thing I do have to spend some time working on is finding ways to maintain the person I am that came before being Norah's Mama.  The first step in that was taking a Zumba class this week.  I do plan to resume teaching this September, and before that rolls around I need to get back in teaching shape.  I have an instructor friend who's letting me drop in to her class this summer, and it felt so good to move again after so many months.  I seem to have a bit of post-partum plantar fascitis going on, but other than that it was really great shake it like I used to without a pregnant belly to dance around with! Looking forward to getting my own songs ready this summer...just have to make some time to practice!

Norah's ready to dance in her first tutu

Even if she looks a little worried about it, she loves it. 

I had my first moment of true parental guilt this week, as well.  Norah is now stronger than I would have guessed, and she's getting close to rolling over.  I laid her down asleep snuggled into her Boppy pillow in the corner of the arm chair while I went into the kitchen to grab something to eat, and the next thing I knew I heard a thud and that silence before the cry...Norah somehow managed to push herself out of the chair and fell onto the floor.  She was totally alright physically, but I was a mess. Matt was home, and scooped her up so that I could collect myself.  It's my job to protect her, to make sure that avoidable accidents don't happen, and I know I won't be able to save her from every bonk and bruise, but at 7 weeks old I should be able to do a pretty good job of that! I felt so guilty that the first bonk in her life was something that would have never happened if I'd just put her on the floor, or in the crib/co-sleeper, instead of doing what was convenient and putting her where I'd been sitting.  Lesson learned for week 7 - Norah is too strong and too big to leave unattended anywhere at this point unless she's safely buckled in! We're all fine, and I think the one of us with the biggest bruise is me.  Welcome to motherhood.  


  1. First, I love you. Plain and simple. A great friend, mom, person.

    Second, you are an EXCELLENT mother who had a normal reaction and a child that now has a future filled with helmets, elbow pads, lots of floor time, etc... :)

    Third, your daughter is stinkin' cute.

    Ok, that's all for now!!! Big hugs and smooches (mostly for Norah - a few for you and Matt :)

    Love, A

  2. You had me at the pit and diaper sniffing...

    Mommies get bumps and bruises of a different kind. You will ALL be alright!

    Looking forward to your September zumba class! See you real soon!


  3. Oh your blog makes me laugh! Don't worry I fell asleep rocking Natalia her first few days and she was all wrapped up in a swaddle me and rolled right out of my arms and didn't wake up at all but let me tell you the guilt is awful I woke her up to check and make sure she was ok! Ugh then 4 weeks after he surgery the little stinker did what Norah did - gre strength that we did not know she had! She scooted herself off the bed 4 weeks post surgery and fell rigt on her nose, that time it was Luis, I believe she aged him a good 30 years that evening though.

    Good luck on Zumba :) I was checking out the zumba game for wii today, who knows maybe someday I will take one of your classes :)