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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Norah Grows: 4 Weeks Old

Oh Norah, 4 Weeks...One month...Where has the time gone?  My once tiny (ha!) newborn baby is already filling out into a chubby infant.  What looked like almost disproportionately long, slender fingers at birth are now pudgy adorable digits on pudgy cabbage patch kid hands.  

Your little torso is now topped off with rolls and a perfectly round little baby belly. 

We noticed just yesterday that you are getting more expressive and it seems to be intentional.  When you're happy, you most often look like this: 

We are seeing more and more of those sweet dimples, and your eyes seem way more focused and track us as we move in front of you.  You seem genuinely interested to engage with us, and although you haven't directly smiled in response to a smiling face yet, I think it's not far away.  I don't want to wish the moments away, but it is exciting to have you respond to us in a positive way.  You have also started cooing and making content little sounds and at times it even seems like you're laughing when you are happy.  It's really just a joy to watch you become a happy baby and start to develop your own personality.  I'm so lucky to be your Mama.

You are so strong, and you can sit leaning up against something for quite a while when you want to...even when you're tired! You can stand up on our laps and stretch your legs while holding onto us...which, not to boast or anything but that is a 2 month milestone and you are ahead of the curve!

We are trying some "tummy time" here and there, but you're not always the biggest fan yet.  We can usually get a few minutes before you full on start to scream, but we don't push it! You also really like to have those hands in your mouth whenever you find them.

You are a great sleeper - you still sleep much of the time during the day in short spurts and are sleeping for 3-hour stretches at night.  Consequently, most of the pictures I get look like this: 

You are one month old and you are so amazing!  We love you, little girl. 

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