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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Triage Visit #1

Well we spent a little time in triage this afternoon...I was feeling dizzy and short of breath this morning and it didn't go away as the work day went on.  I decided to head home and rest, and my friend Sarah convinced me to just go over to triage while I was still at the hospital and get checked out to make sure everything was OK.  They do not mess around - they had me undress and gown up, pee in a cup, and got me all hooked up to the fetal monitor and pulse-ox and blood pressure cuff.  They just watched everything for a little over an hour, and both my vitals and hers seemed just fine.  My blood sugar was Ok too, and they decided that there wasn't any reason to keep us and admit me (which of course I didn't anticipate anyway, but was good to be sent home).  I was never really worried that there was something majorly wrong but Sarah was right - I would have hated to drive all the way back to Pinckney, have something get worse, and have to drive back.  It was better to get checked out and given the all-clear than to be home and wonder if something was wrong.  I'm happy it's nothing like pre-eclampsia or anything, and we got to listen to little girl's heartbeat nice and loud for an hour so that was worth the whole thing.  I came home and crashed and slept all afternoon, which apparently was much needed. Hoping tomorrow is better all around!

Tomorrow we have our maternity photo session, and it's supposed to be around 60 degrees and mostly sunshine tomorrow! Looking forward to relaxing and documenting this part of the experience, and I'm really hoping we can get some shots outdoors because I really like those so much more than just studio shots.  I'll be sure to post as soon as I have something to show!

That's it for tonight - 35 week post to come hopefully tomorrow too :)

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  1. Oh baby doll...take care of yourself!So glad you got checked out - it is a relief to just know. Yay Sarah - she's the best! Hope you have an amazing photo shoot today. Big Hug, Aidan