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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Smith Family Baby Shower

Today was a beautiful day - not because of the weather, which was in fact pretty much the telltale "Lion" of March with rain/freezing rain to start the day, and snow snow snow to end it - but because our little lady was once again showered with love and warmth from the Smith side of the family.  I couldn't feel more honored to have such a loved and welcome space in this family - they have opened their arms, hearts and homes to me and my own family from the very beginning, and feeling the love they already share for our little girl is just amazing.  Tryn and Matt's Aunt Sal hosted just such a wonderful day - amazing food, homemade cake (yeah, gonna go ahead and just buck the glucometer today...), happy company, and so many lovely gifts.  My heart is already bursting and I can't imagine how I will feel when my little baby girl is actually here, and the love from this family will be tangible.

I didn't get pictures of the glorious spread of food on my camera, although I know it was indeed documented by someone.  I will share some of the shots from the day that I did get on my own camera though. I had to crack up at the little trio of paparazzi in front of me while opening gifts - there are at least 4 cameras worth of shots from today! All of the gifts were so thoughtful, and I don't have shots of each of them on here, but know that they are all loved and will be cherished and used!!
So fun to have all the little ones here today! Trenton, Gabrielle, Jaime, Cal, and Autumn (supervised by Terrah and Marsha) 

Who's SO big? Cal!! 

Me and Tryn 

Papa, paparazzi! 

It was all very exciting for a while, but then she realized the party wasn't really for her...

Sarah and Calvin

My two beautiful co-hostesses 

Thank you , thank you, thank you to everyone who was here today, and of course to those of you who couldn't make it in person.  I love being a part of this family, and I can't wait to add another one to the clan!! We are in love with every single thing, and I am so excited for the little lady to arrive to put everything to use :) Everything will all be much cuter with her using it than it is with me modeling them! 


  1. Tanya! You look SO happy! Love it:) A great time for a great lady-soon-to-bee-mama:) Trynn is SO grown-up!!

  2. Hey Aidan, Can you send me some of the pics you took at T's bee shower? I'd love to see them. mshelters at gmail dot com

  3. Mol - are you two FB friends? She put the album of ones she took on her FB page, too.

    I can't wait to see you both again soon hopefully! And for you to meet my little laday :)