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Friday, October 8, 2010

Thank goodness for Friday, and 12 weeks

This week has been a long one, I'm afraid. Not because of any overwhelming badness, and not because I've really felt that terrible, but I'm just really glad it's Friday again. It's true, I'm not feeling great every day. In fact, some portion of most days I feel pretty darn pukey and gross...but it's all a reminder that my body is doing something amazing. Sometimes it's hard to remember when I'm sitting at my desk having yet another meal of Sprite and pretzels that the reason I feel this way is because I am busy, like, growing a human being! I think I might need to get one of these to remind myself from time to time :)

Yesterday marked 12 week left of the first trimester. Baby is now just about 2 inches from head to rump (my favorite!) or about the size of a lime. He/she developed reflexes this week, like sucking and opening/closing fists and curling toes, and will squirm around if I poke on my belly (not that I can feel anything, but so I'm told...). We didn't get it together and get a photo last night, but I'll do it tonight! I think I've pretty much rounded the bend and will be leaving non-maternity pants behind for a while. Which means I have shopping to do!

We have our first trimester screening appointment on Monday - we will have an ultrasound and get to see baby Smith again, so rest assured that photos will follow! The screening combines a blood test and ultrasound to measure a risk profile for Down Syndrome and Trisomy 13 and 18. I have a good feeling that all is well, but it will be nice to have peace of mind and reassurance.

In other news, it's baby's first Michigan - MSU game this weekend! Go Blue!


  1. yay! cant wait for pics and updates!! and GO BLUE!

  2. You could just not do the whole he/she thing because it is a girl! haha Sorry to hear you have some nausea, but you are an amazing construction worker right now! Sorry i missed your call last week, they have been giving me more call for the week of vacation i missed. Love you