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Monday, October 11, 2010


Short post tonight, as I'm post-zumba and still pre-shower, but I wanted to get these scanned in for your viewing pleasure! We had our "First Trimester Screening" today, and got some wonderful ultrasound photos of baby! The tech said baby was cooperative and we hope it's going to stay that way :) So cool - it was flipping around and bicycle kicking its* little legs like ca-ray-zay!
Baby's profile - look at the little button nose (and my mom says those cheekbones)!

Profile - baby flipped sides and has a hand up by its* forehead

Foot - labeled as such. Toes pointing left, heel on the right

Baby showing its* leg moves - kicking! Also looks like the hand is in its* little mouth!

So there you have it :) Next pictures of Wee Smith will not be until 18-20 weeks (right around Thanksgiving) when we can hopefully find out the sex...but guesses welcome as always! I still have no feeling, and am even more confused after looking at these - thought I'd totally know after seeing it's profile, but no. Oh, and the heartbeat was 159 bpm today, right where it should be she said. Not only could we hear it, but we could see it beating away in there too!

Belly pics of me to come...not tonight, I'm just too sweaty and gross for ya'll to see :)

All the love,
T, M and baby S
*edited from the incorrect it's meaning "it is" or "it has" to the correct its, a possesive pronoun meaning "belonging to it". Blame the unforgiveable grammatical lapse on the doesn't know proper English yet. :)


  1. The first picture is amazing! Isn't it so cool to see the baby kick?! Did you cry at all during this appointment? I totally started crying when I heard the heartbeat.

    Can't wait for more sonogram pics! :D

  2. Wow it is a real person there! Can't wait to meet my niece (or nephew I guess). Call you tonight if i don't fall asleep after dinner like i have been doing the past few nights. Love you!

  3. LOVE the photos of baby S! From the profile image, I guess I'll go against Molly's sixth sense and say BOY!! :) Maybe I just want Andrew to have a little buddy!

  4. Amazing ultrasounds, so clear! I'm guessing girl :o)