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Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 Weeks

My weeks turn over on Thursdays, so today is 10 weeks on the dot. I have not been great about getting weekly pictures of the belly, but honestly it's not very cute to look at these days! In general it seems to be getting thicker and possible a bit rounder, but more in a That chick might wanna work out a little more, or go ahead and lay off the Dairy Queen kinda way, at least to the casual observer. That said, I'll see if I can get Matt to take some tonight after work, to document the current state of things bellyish.

For the first few weeks, I thought maybe I'd breeze through this whole first trimester thing without too much of a problem...little to no nausea, some tiredness, but nothing a nap or two couldn't fix, and otherwise nothing much to show for the fact that my body is busily growing the beginning of a person. But, about a week ago I think the hormones may have started to peak, and I feel much more like a 1st trimester pregnant person might...more consistent nausea, both at the beginning and the end of the day, total exhaustion (in the I may have taken a nap in my office the other day, or fallen asleep outside on the bench waiting for Matt to pick me up at the end of the day kind of way), and one episode so far of actually puking :(. At least I know this means things should be going as expected, and I keep reminding myself that many a pregnant woman has it FAR worse, so I should be thankful this is all there is so far.

I am very excited that today is the first day of autumn - as you all probably know it's my absolute favorite season, and even though it is forecasted to be 90 degrees today, I'm feeling like the season is changing in front of my eyes. Last night there was a large harvest moon rising in the sky, and our pumpkins were finally ready to be picked from the vines. Driving into work this morning (albeit a frustratingly long trek today with traffic) we could see that the fields of corn are browning out, and the soybean plants are taking on a beautiful golden color, which was gorgeous in the early morning misty sunlight. My personal goal for the end of this week is to get outside with my camera and document some of this beautiful season unfolding in front of me. I've put it out there, and hopefully I will hold myself accountable! Pictures to come :)

Anyone have any favorite fall recipes they are excited to make? It just may be the one and only thing that sounds good to me on a given day, so share! And think of the baby :)



  1. Apple cider doughnuts! I can't wait to get to the Dexter Cider Mill for the real thing, but until then, I'll try to make these:

    ...can't wait to see belly pics!

  2. Mmmm girl you know the way to my fall-lovin heart! Let's hear it for Dexter Cider Mill in no less than 16 days when you arrive in the gloriously autumnal state of MI :)

    Are you really going to make these? Sweet Jeeesus they look good! I'm all for doughnuts, but I'm also more like "what kind of food takes approximately 4 min or less to think of, create, and eat before I decide it will probably make me hurl" so probably by the time I got everything and made them...well...perhaps I'd better just wait in line at the Cider Mill :) Love you!

  3. I'm totally going to try to make them on Saturday morning - it's still upper 80s here, but perhaps in the morning I'll throw my windows open to the sunshine and bake these little devils anyway :) Its almost getting cool here in the mornings! Cant wait to see you and get those donuts for real.

  4. I love reading about your pregnancy :) I "turn over" the weeks on Thursdays too :) Your weeks 9 and 10 sound just like mine were. I'm in week 15 and I still have a bit a nausea, but not nearly as bad as and there throughout the week/day. I have to go buy maternity pants today! Happy 11 weeks (I think that's where you're at!)