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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Details, details...

I love planning details for events, and I am really enjoying getting things together for Norah's first birthday party! I decided to go with a somewhat "vintage ABC" theme, because she loves the alphabet song so much when we sing it to her, and I figured all of the ABC details could be things that she would use in play later anyway, plus they would be educational! Win :) But, because the special lady is only going to be one, and not likely to remember this event at all other than the photos from it, I didn't want to spend a ton of money on details, but still wanted it to be adorable and memorable for us!

I am going to keep some of the details under wraps until after the party, but here are a few things I've got planned:

Using these free alphabet flash card printables as a garland over the main food table.

Using classic ABC blocks as table top decor (these are by Melissa and Doug, picked ours up at Joann's for $9 after a 40% off coupon!) 

Mini chalkboard plant markers similar to these - I picked ours up at Target's Dollar section for $1.00 a piece.  I also picked up 3 tiny galvanized tin pails in the Dollar section as well for $1.00 each.  The place markers will be labeled with different menu items.  

I worked on a design for the invitations by combining a few ideas I found online (primary layout inspiration from Sarah at Pewter and Sage, free graphic at the top from Pretty Little Studio), and this is what I came up with:

I've finished making her birthday girl outfit, but that will have to wait until the party to debut. I will say she has one cutie little booty in a tutu! 

More details to come later, but I am getting excited for someone's first birthday party, can't you tell?


  1. OMG you need your own personal consulting business! I would have you plan all of my future childrens' parties...actually any party for that matter. Love.It.All.

  2. Enjoy the party and go all out! You will have so much fun planning :) Gosh those invites are simply ADORABLE and I wish my Target had those cute plant markers!!

    Thanks for your advice on my upcoming hospital stay... I tried to email you back but you're a no-reply commenter. If you want to be reply-able (is that a word? lol) then follow this tutorial:

    Anyway I didn't think to bring my body pillow and am so glad you mentioned it! Thanks again, Tanya!