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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, as usual my posting habits are a bit towards the belated side of things.  I wanted to write a post summarizing our past year, and outlining my hopes and goals for this newest one right in time for New Year's Eve/Day.  Obviously, we are now into the first week of January, and of course it's not too late, but still later than I hoped.  But, at this moment I don't really have time to write about all the wonders and pitfalls and daily struggles and triumphs of 2011, so I will start with my intentions for 2012.

- Take photos, lots of photos. Not that this is a new goal, but I want to continue to sharpen my skills behind the camera. I also want to do more with the photos I take than simply post them to this blog or facebook. I need to order prints at the very least, and would love to actually get back to scrapbooking someday.  If nothing else, frame and hang some of our favorites so that we can enjoy them off-screen.

- Budget, organize, and plan for realizing our goal of becoming homeowners this year. Last year it just wasn't meant to be, but I resolve that we will see this to fruition this year.

- Actually complete some of the projects I run across and dream about, but then set aside and never do.  Sewing projects for Norah, handmade gifts (actually done in time to give to the recipients by the date of the reason for the gift, rather than just the thought of it and perhaps purchasing materials that sit in a bag and never get used). These don't have to be expensive projects, in fact, all the better if they aren't! Just need to cultivate the craft-loving side of myself that has been a bit disregarded for most of the past year.

- Take care of myself, emotionally, physically. I am the classic mama burning the candle at both ends lately, and some of that is due to working full time and having a child that still doesn't sleep well, and some of it is due to the way I choose to handle things that come my way. Make better choices, and be flexible with myself if I don't always choose the best one, making up for it tomorrow.

- Purge and declutter, and stay that way! I know this is like, everyone's New Year's resolution, every year. And honestly speaking, not something I'm good at, at all.  But moving right before the holidays and still sifting through piles (I mean piles) of "stuff" is making me realize just how much we have that is frivolous, outdated, unused, broken, or just plain unnecessary. Before packing all this stuff up again later this year if we do find a home to buy, I want to sort and purge anything that doesn't fit into our daily lives.  Donate, sell, pitch, whatever.  If it has to sit in a pile/box of "not really something we need", then it should go. Check in with me in a month and see how this is going! Ha.

- Enjoy the precious few moments I get with Norah between working 40 hours, two Zumba classes, to-do lists, chores, etc. She is amazing, and growing up so, so fast.  I looked at her little body curled up next to mine last night, and while she is still so small and precious and new in the scheme of her life, I can't help but think how long she looks next to me in her big-girl jammies, the curves of her profile taking on more unique characteristics and less smooshey baby face.  Soon she will be walking, talking, and turning into a toddler and leaving that tiny baby body behind for bigger and better things, and while I am thankful and amazed that she is healthy and growing and thriving, it is not without a little pang of sadness that I watch the baby-ness quickly passing behind us.

I guess that's a good enough start to the year :) I'll post again soon with new pics of sweet N.

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