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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Magic

Here I am, awake at 3:45 AM on Christmas Eve, probably the only year out of the next decade or so that my child doesn't even know it's Christmas and thus I should be enjoying my sweet sleep. But, after her last wake-up around 2:00, I just couldn't fall back asleep, so I'm up, watching A Christmas Story and pondering Christmas magic and remembering the joy of Christmas mornings from my own childhood. I so want to make this season magical and memorable for my kids. I need it to be a special time of year that will always be a warm spot in their hearts when they look back.

This season, our lives were a little bit crazy to say the least.  Our dream of becoming homeowners ended up being postponed due to issues we could not control with the home we had chosen, and the current owner.  We decided that we at least needed to take this time to step out on our own and get a place we could call ours, and so we moved into a rental condo...the weekend before Christmas.  We have boxes and piles all over, but we at least found the stockings and my Mom brought over the small tree and even though we never got around to getting any ornaments on, the twinkle of white lights makes it feel a little festive in here.

I know that Norah won't remember this particular Christmas, but I wanted to start the traditions that will shape what this holiday means to her as she grows up, and we just didn't make much happen this year.  I wanted to read special Christmas books to her every night. I wanted to have our house filled with the smells of treats that make their annual appearance every December.  I wanted to have Christmas music playing as we decorated our space with objects that she will look forward to setting out year after year.  But, circumstances being what they were, we didn't get a lot of those things done this year. What we did, though, is enjoy each other tonight as we all fell into bed.  Norah celebrated her first Christmas Eve with the Smith family at Paul and Julie's.  It's hard to believe that my child is now one of the "littles" that gets to circle around the tree and accept the generosity of loving family members.  And for that, this Christmas Eve, I am so grateful.  Merry Christmas Eve, friends and family! Hope you all have a magical Christmas morning filled with love, happiness, good food, and the company of those you love!

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