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Monday, November 28, 2011

Norah Grows: 7 Months

My little girl, 7 months ago you joined our family, and 7 months ago we could only have imagined how our lives would be with you in we can't imagine life without you.  Every day now you are learnng something new. This month has been filled with development and exploration.  You are fully army crawling all over the place now, and once you get yourself to a sturdy enough object, you pull right up to stand and view the world from your newfound domain.  We've had to lower your crib to the bottom setting, because you were pulling right up and standing at the edge of the railing and I was afraid you'd launch right over one of these days! You love peeking over the top of the crib and spying out into your room.  This is my favorite thing to walk in and see!

You have learned to "blow raspberries" and you think it's just so funny! You spend a lot of time doing this, when you are being put to sleep, when you are in a silly mood, when you are "talking" to have found that little tongue and you want us to know it! 

You can also clap your hands and play "patty cake" now.  You get very excited about things, and your immediate reaction is to clap, clap, clap!

You had your first Thanksgiving, and you certainly enjoyed sampling all of the delicious food that everyone else got to eat! I'd say you had yourself a regular feast, comprised of mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, green jello "snowflake" salad, cranberry sauce, yams, a green bean, and a little turkey.  Pretty good for your first go! 

 Holidays are just so much more fun when viewed through the eyes of children.  You and your "cousins" have certainly hit things off, and everyone loves having you as the center of don't seem to mind so much either. 

Getting your monthly photos in your chair is getting to be tricky! You don't want to sit still for 5 seconds now that you know you can was a two person job to be sure you didn't roll right out of there! You are so busy and curious and interested in your world and surroundings, and it's a challenge to keep you entertained and safe simultaneously! 

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3...we'll just stop there rather than list the next 37 tries! 
Final Take! Success!
Norah, you are simply the light and joy of our lives. Every single month gets better and better, and I know I keep saying it, but it's true. Being your mama is the greatest gift I could ever ask for, and above anything else in this world, I am thankful for you, for your health, for your smile, for your laughter, for your love, for your babyness, for everything you have given me in the past 7 months.  I am thankful that I am here to watch you grow.  I can't wait for what the next month will bring...your first Christmas, possibly our first home, your first many beautiful things lie ahead for you, baby. I am thankful. 

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