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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick photo dump update

Since it's almost 11 pm and I'm damn tired (wth am I still up anyway?), I will get down to it since I know most of you probably don't read all my words and just go straight to the photos anyway :) Just kidding, maybe?

Norah's for real 6 month post will be forthcoming next week, when she, for real, turns 6 months old, omgosh what happened to my leetle babay?? For now, tidbits:

She can sit up, nearly unassisted. Well, she can be unassisted, for about 10 seconds. Not quite like a Weeble, for when she wobbles she does fall down.

She's getting blonder by the day

She is maybe not the biggest fan of rice cereal:

Ok, maybe it's not so bad

She loves her daddy, and her first babbles sound an awful lot like "Da Da Da Da". She would. 

 I am insanely obsessed with making these earflap hats for her. And anyone else having babies, so beware. 

Someone's Halloween costume, part 1: 

Ok - more updates photos in a few days.  Love to you all, and to all a goodnight. Unless you're me, in which case the last 2 hours of sleep Norah's been getting will be her "long stretch" and I'll be seeing every hour on the clock once again tonight :) Or maybe not. Hope we have a lucky night! Annnnnd there she is, awake on cue.

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