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Monday, August 1, 2011

To everything, turn turn turn, There is a season, turn turn turn

It's always about this point in the summer when I begin my yearly longing for fall.  Don't get me wrong, living in Michigan I have come to appreciate the fact that we get to experience the fullest of each season, because I know that in about 5 months we will be buried in snow and I'll be cursing the difficulties of bundling up a baby to go from front door to car, and recalling the ease with which we bounded out of the house in nothing but onesie several months prior.  But, I'm an autumn girl at heart.  Several weeks now of 80-90 degree temps and about equal humidity has me pining for the crisp 60s and even 70s we often get in September and October - jeans and sweater weather, baby! I am already excited about the adorable photo ops that fall presents with a baby - pumpkins! And leaves! The Dexter Cider Mill! Don't even get me started about Halloween! Can't wait to get her dressed in some cutie butt jeans, throw her adorable lil pumpkin hat on her head, and get out to enjoy my favorite season with her. This mama is looking forward to some cinnamon sugar donuts and fresh (unpasteurized this year!) apple cider, hot tea, pumpkin bread, chili...and let's hear it for tailgating food! Football starts in almost a month, and I'm excited to watch Michigan football this year under Brady Hoke...Go Blue!

I got so excited about fall's impending arrival today that I made a batch of mini pumpkin muffins for breakfast - you can eat pumpkin any month of the year, it turns out! I followed this recipe today, and I think it's a keeper! Quick Bread Pumpkin Muffins
All the right spices to make this kitchen smell like it's October! (Even if it is 87 degrees outside at 11:00 AM)

Fresh from the oven, hot, fluffy and delicious! 

And some more on a plate this time, with some coffee

Getting fired up for football with my Alma Mater mug!

Norah's been a rolling-over machine the past few days - here she is proud of her little self (and possibly with some breakfast on her chin):

So big in her saucer!

Of course, I'm not bidding August a fast farewell, because it's my last full month home with Norah.  I'm still very much looking forward to vacation next week, and more days swimming in Grandpa's pool, and hopefully a decent August harvest from our little garden (at least the tomatoes seem to be growing, and basil OMG the basil, and the squash plants at least look good, but so far no veggies to be seen on them).  

Swimming at Grandpa's - she looks unsure, but she did love it! 
This week I have to be more efficient than my usual self at following through on my to-do lists - laundry,   packing, last minute errand running for vacation.  I'm already overwhelmed at the amount of things Norah is going to require for a week long trip, and I'm not sure how all 3 of us plus Lainey are going to fit in the car around it, but we'll see! An adventure to be sure :)

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