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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Sunday...too bad the Easter Bunny skipped our house!

That Easter Bunny is tricky...we were hoping for a little Easter basket surprise with our very own jelly bean birthday today.  However, it looks like that ol' hare was busy at other houses this time, since there is still no sign that baby Smith wants to join us today.  Not that I'm counting (OK, I am) but she's now 3 days "late" and I'm getting antsy!  Of course, I know that due dates truly range up to a month, with the specified date falling in the middle, but really once you get past that date it all seems unfair to keep waiting!

I read the report from our Non-Stress test on Thursday, and she's doing just fine in there, thank you.  She is moving, responding and thriving just as she should be.  The amniotic fluid level is within range, and her heartrate is solid with a baseline in the 130s.  It was disappointing to read "Contractions: None" - would have been nice to see the monitor picking up activity I wasn't aware of, but no dice. We could see her little lips sucking away, swallowing fluid, and practicing for the outside world.  It was really cute! Now come out already!  We're scheduled for another test next Thursday, at 41 Weeks, if she's not here before that.

Matt and I get daily texts, phone calls, Facebook messages, emails etc. asking how I'm doing, how am I feeling, any signs yet, any contractions, when is that baby going to get here?  I know everyone is excited as we are and wants to let us know they are thinking of us, but every day when I have to respond "No, nothing yet. We promise to keep you posted." it reminds me that I'm still pregnant and we haven't met our girl yet.  I also love that many of the other pregnant ladies I know, some with due dates after mine, have delivered and are spending this beautiful weekend with their babies in arms, and I'm tromping about hauling my giant self around trying to walk her out of me!  We went for an hour long hike in the woods yesterday, and hopefully will go again today to enjoy the weather...hoping it will be a birthday inspiring one today!

On the bright side, I'm going to tempt fate and say that the PUPPs rash is doing a bit better.  The hives on my palms, wrists, finger webbing, and belly seem to have more or less dissipated.  The skin there is now really dry and still somewhat itchy, but at least not welty.  My legs, according to my dear and loving husband (said in the most caring and supportive of ways, of course) still look like the topography of the moon.  I do mean that when I say he's been caring and supportive - I could not, honest to God, have gotten through the past week without his help and support.  My legs are not as inflamed, but do still itch pretty frequently.  I've been more or less able to sleep through the night spared from the "Itch Crises" that make me cry for the past 4 nights or so, but I'm now getting to the point where my joints ache and my muscles hurt and I'm waking several times at night for those late-pregnancy related reasons.  It's really just time for her to come out! My belly is stretched, my body is sore, my stamina is wearing thin, and Mama and Daddy just want to meet our baby and start falling in love with her rather than cursing her stubbornness already!

By the way, she will be a Taurus, the Ram, the most stubborn of the Zodiac :) Yeah, we already guessed that!

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  1. She's here! she's here! Amazing! I hope you three are doing well - prayers sent your way.