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Thursday, December 9, 2010

21 Weeks

I can't quite believe another week has ticked by...December is quickly speeding past as it usually does, and along with it so are the weeks of this second trimester.  7 weeks left until the third trimester begins! This week my belly is really starting to feel like a pregnant belly.  I'm noticing sensations of internal and external stretching that are somewhat uncomfortable at times, as though I'm walking around with a post-Thanksgiving belly full of food all the time!  I don't believe I have as yet adopted the pregnant lady waddle, although there are times when I feel like it! Maybe I should ask someone to walk behind me and assess that...

Inspecting my un-clad self after a shower the other night (as I have developed the slightly disconcerting habit of doing), I discovered the appearance of several silvery white stretch marks on my sides.  I do believe these have been there since sometime in middle school (another period of awkwardly rapid growth, it seems), but now that my belly is starting to tug at the sides they are showing their sneaky little selves again.  I'm not sure if the fact that I had them earlier in my life means my skin is just prone to getting them and I can look forward to all kinds of new lovely, probably purple ones in the coming weeks, or if I still have the chance of escaping with a smooth skinned belly.  Of course, I have no choice but to wait and see, and although I know no amount of cocoa butter or belly oil will stave them off, I'm still doing my best to moisturize the heck out of my skin under the premise that it's winter and who wants dry, itchy skin on top of stretch marks?! Bring on the Burt's Bees Mama Bee belly balm!

21 Week Belly:

I really need to have these taken at the beginning of the day instead of at the end...

Dinner last night - tostitos and salsa, chocolate ice cream (I guess this is probably why they have pregnant ladies take vitamins)

Pregnancy cleavage is obnoxious.

Pregnancy skin is still weird.

Pregnancy dreams are weirder. Like the one where the baby was born with all of her baby teeth? Yeah like that.

The room that will become the nursery at my Mom's is in a state of unbelievable possibly pre-hoarding stage disarray.  We have MAJOR work to do after the holidays.  See for yourself:

So anyway, there you have it.  Our life at 21 weeks, in a nutshell.  


  1. Number 1: Your belly is so cute and that tells me little NCS will be adorable and..

    Number 2: That clown painting is very scary and should not be around little children haha

    Love you!

  2. once again, I will take your intuition as fact, and I believe she will be adorable too!

    and, i know - it's coming down! my grandad painted it years ago, but it won't be up once the room is for baby!

  3. It's a nicely done painting... I just have a fear of clowns.

  4. hmmm...NCS huh? You can hold out...but I am onto you are way too much of a planner to not have narrowed down your name choices!

    Also, you absolutely crack me up!!! Finally looking at this post for the "before" picture, but just love your sense of humor. I would let you know before you became a hoarder :)

  5. So here's the thing with NCS - Molly told us she knows what we're naming her, and she let me know the initials! Molly, you know, has a sixth sense about these things. We just haven't quite gotten the ESP memo yet, so we're still on the hunt!

  6. Ha ha...ok...I am guessing Nora Caroline Smith :) Let's see if I am feeling Molly's vibe. PS - I miss you and am SO excited to see you at your shower :)